Teachers Day Out in Kali River

A day trip was organized for teachers to Dandeli. Teachers had lots of adventures activities, water sports in the Kali river such as Mid-Run Rafting, single Rapid Rafting, Water Zipline, Roller Zorbing, Kayaking, Raft Boating, River Swimming. All of them spent a day in lots of fun and enjoyment in water. Adventures activities heightened the level of self-confidence.

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Prasti kurane   Teachers are enjoying

Suchit sulakude  Wow!what outing of teachers in dandeli river of kali wonder outing of teachers.

Sankalp gandh 6th A  What a outing for teachers

Nishant 5A  Wow!what outing of teachers in dandeli river of kali wonder outing of teachers.

Dhanyashree 3b  What a outing of the teachers

Doris  Very adventurous and thrilling one day picnic it was memorable one. Thank you father for organising such a wonderful day

Vijaylakshami.v . Itigowni 9th   It can be seen that our teachers enjoyed so much and by seeing this photos it can understand it was a wonderful trip to our teachers . l thank father to organise this wonderful trip to our teachers

Vidyashree Nandyal (class 3A)  It was a memorable trip for all the teachers. 👌👌

Disha.S.Kamble 1A  It was a great day for our teachers. I think that they enjoyed a lot.

Yash. S.Kamble 3rd A  I think it was a great day for our teachers.

Khushi.S.Kamble 6th b    It was a marvelous day for our teachers. I think it was a great day for our teachers

Anushka A 6A   This was wonderful trip for teachers and sir and drive uncles I think that enjoyed this trip

Saanvi Kapali6thB  Teacher have enjoyed a lot in Dandeli and they had smiling faces in these photos.

Shraddha.khode  As we see many smiling looks💫.hope it was an stimulating adventure.❤️

Rakesh   Fantabulous

Rishika s tawale 6 A  A journey well shared is a journey well enjoyed

Raviraj.C  Good to see teachers happy...May this smile be forever..

Sapana C  Nice to see everyone happy and enjoying..🤩

Doreen 7 th A  All the teachers enjoyed very well in Dandeli trip. It was a very memorable day to our Assisi teachers.

Parinika 4 A  Wow! I saw many smiling face and All teachers were very happy

Janhavi kumbar  It's very wonderful to see our teachers smiling and enjoying faces.they are enjoying a lot . I hope it was the best day for teachers.thank you father for organizing this trip for our teachers

Siddharoodh 7th A  It was a nice trip for teachers

MOHAMMED ZAID GHORI   I is so nice to see .class 7B

Mayank from 2nd a  It was for teachers👩‍🏫‍👩‍🏫‍ wonderful nice day

Srushti magennavar 4th A  The teacher are looking happy in this pics l think they must have enjoyed very much 😀

Shweta patil 5th b  It was a amazing trip for Teachers... I think teachers have enjoyed a lot 🤗❤️🥳👍🏻

Tanishk Amble 1st A  We saw a smile 😃 😊 face of our Teacher

Tanishk Amble 1st A  We saw a smile 😃 😊 face of our Teacher

Samruddhi  Seeing at our teachers and uncles and drivers and father on your faces there will be beautiful smile you enjoyed lot

Praniti Amble 3rd A  It was a great time or day for Teacher

Khushi m janamatti 3 A class  It was a memorial to teachers and we saw a face smiling 😊😊 face I want to thank the father ro oragnis the trip to 👌👌 💞💗

Asensiya   A adventurous day spent with all Assisi teachers. All the water games were good.

Sakshi Petakar 6th  It was beautiful moments for teachers enjoy the lake vibes and all teachers are happy with this trip

Sankalp Mahesh Petakar 9th  It was a wonderful moments for teachers to enjoy.

Raman kamble UKG A   It was an fantastic day to teachers

Prerna kamble 6 A  It was wonderful trip to all teachers

Nidhi iti  It was a wonderful and trilling day for children

Aditi 7th [A]   The day was very jouful for our teacher after seeing the sparkling smiles it would be a enjoyable day to my lovely teachers❤️

Arpita Divate  It was an wonderful trip for teachers. Teachers may have enjoyed a lot . It was an memorable day to them.

Proonita navale  It's fantastic day all the teachers enjoyed we their face

Saiswaroop iti  I think it was one of the memorable day for teachers . It brought them joy and happiness .

Riddhi Patil   Teachers were refreshed after this amazing trip

Divya choudhary 6thA  It was wonderful trip. I saw many smiling faces.😇😇And it was best day for teachers.Teachers were exactly enjoyed it a lot 🚣🚣

Amruta potadar  It was a incredible day to all teacher's. The place is so beautiful and amazing . They are lucky to go on this place a trip. They will never forget this day ✨.

Poorvi Desai 5th A  It was wonderful trip. I saw many smiling face's 😇

Pratham varadai 6 std  Marvelous fantastic day for teacher's

Samruddhi R Bhajantri 5th A   Best day for teacher

Pratham Desai 1st B  Teacher's were enjoying a lot 🚣‍♀️

Shravani Amble 3rd A  Teacher where exactly enjoyed lot😍💫🚣‍♀️

Krupa Desai 3rd A  Dandeli is an adventurous place .I think teachers enjoyed a lot.

Swasti 6th A  Wow!!! what a enjoyable day for teachers . Teachers must never forget this day.

Proonita navale  Hole year all teacher strugle with us one day outing it's wonderful for teachers❤️✨

Shravi Gorakhnath, ukg A  Good mental relaxation for teachers

Hritvi Gorakhnath, 3rd B  Nice relaxation for teachers

Anushree Ghatti 6th A  Wow!! All teachers spent a day in lot of fun and enjoyment in water

Omkar Gandh 1st A  I am happy to see all my teachers enjoying. It may be a wonderful day

Jeevan sir  It was a wonderful day in kali river Good experience Thank you

Sanvi H 6th A  It is an adventurous trip of our teachers...

Manasa 6a  WOW!! What a beautiful place. I must say that all teacher's loved this trip ✨☺

Varalaxmi 6A  I think teacher's enjoyed a lot and their sweetly smiling

Shrinidhi 6 A  Wow! What a nice place. I saw many smiling faces.

Adarsh Babaleshwar  Wonderful trip for teachers in Dandeli... By looking at their smiling faces, it makes me to smile. Hope so they will never forget this day..

Apoorv R Patil 6th B  Waaaaaaaaaaw... Very Nice 👌

Prachi gandh 6th A  Wow! What a wonderful place. I can see many faces smiling and enjoying. I wish if colud also been there.

Renisha Lobo  A wonderful experience in Dandeli with lots of fun and adventures. 🌊

Velenciya Fernandis  It was a thrilling and a very good experience for me I enjoyed a lot.

Kadambari Mane 5A  Wawwwwww very nice i want to go with my friends in Kali river. Please father next time you take and go for us also Dandeli.

Apoorv R Patil 6th B  Waaaaaaaaaa... very nice 👌

Sakshi kapali   Dandeli is one of adventurous destination place to visit . I think it's a fantastic place and all teachers enjoyed their trip very well with smiled faces😀

Advaity jadhav 4 B  It was nice trip. I saw all photos teachers enjoyed lot. And river rafting photos looking so nice.

Sweekar.S kotre   I want to go with teacher in Kali river

Sweekar.S kotre   The trip was Nice

Swayam Munde  Nice to see the happy and joyful faces of teachers. By seeing this photos I felt this was one of the memorable trip.

🅐🅑🅗🅘🅢🅗🅔🅚 9th  By this beautiful quote 💝 “Adventures are the best way to learn.” This is proved by the above faces☺️. I hope all the teaching as well as non-teaching staff ⚕️ enjoyed a lot⚡

Manish BH  V.good

Ritu billkar  This adventure trip to dandeli filled our soul 🏞️.One thing I've got to know from this trip is that "We don’t need objects; we need adventures.”🚣🏄🧗and yes the above people in the frame are one's who made my trip happy ❤️🥳

Sujit   Nice to see everybody👀 enjoying and smiling😃. I pray to the almighty 🙏 that these beautiful smiles on our beloved teacher's faces may never fade!

Nitesh m mhalunge  Thank you so much father to organized wonderful one day picnic for us.really we enjoyed lot and it is memorable for us.

Vedamshi prabhu choudri 1st B  Nice trip in dandeli ,beautiful to see the greenery and boating 🚤🚤

Saanvi prabhu choudri 6th B   Wonderful , amazing and enjoying trip of dandeli

Vaishnavi 6th B   Happy to see you all my dear teachers.

Sarvesh Mahadik   Think so it was wonderful trip for teachers

Praful Patil 3rd A  A joyful trip for teachers and driver uncles

Priyanka.Patil 6th B  An wonderful trip for teachers and driver uncles

Sachi B Desai 9th  Beautiful

Bhuvan B Desai. 6th B  Waaaaaaw...

Prajwal  Journey of thousand miles begins with a single step

Rishi bhandare   Beautiful memories with beautiful schools!

Snehal dodamani   It was most enjoyable day for all of us. We had great moments for our memories. I would like to thank father principal for organising such a adventurous picnic for us.

Ashwini jadhav  Such a beautiful place. first I would like to thanks for father to organised this trip. It was memorable trip in my life.we enjoyed lot.

Seema F  We all set out on an adventurous bold trip to a river far from the world we knew. Our spirits were high and our hearts untold. The water flowed crystal clear, and the air was fresh with the scent of woods. Our spectacular trip to the river was a magical, serene and unforgettable.

Minaj Tamboli  Very nice and memorable day for those who experienced and enjoyed but I missed it.

Sukanya   Enjoyed a lot .Memorable trip thanku father.

Nida  DARR KE AAYE JEETH HAI🚣🏄 This was the proof of this trip for meee .... enjoyed my Darr..... memorable day

Ryna Rodriguez  A day began with fun and ended with relaxing, relishing and refreshing...enjoyed a lot Thank u fr..

Nazma Goundi   Memorable day in my dairy of my memories enjoyed the day ........

Ashwini kamane  Wow wonderful trip.Amazing ride we enjoyed lot.so beautiful place in Karnataka.thank you father organised this Dandeli trip. I enjoyed lot father thank you once Again.

Ashwini kamane  Wow wonderful trip.Amazing ride we enjoyed lot.so beautiful place in Karnataka.thank you father organised this Dandeli trip. I enjoyed lot father thank you once Again.

Ashwini kamane  Wow wonderful trip.Amazing ride we enjoyed lot.so beautiful place in Karnataka.thank you father organised this Dandeli trip. I enjoyed lot father thank you once Again.

Ashwini kamane  Wow wonderful trip.Amazing ride we enjoyed lot.so beautiful place in Karnataka.thank you father organised this Dandeli trip. I enjoyed lot father thank you once Again.

Sandeep Hemagire  It was memorable and adventurous outing with assisi colleagues. River Rafting was unforgettable game in the kali river of Dandeli.

Asha  Fabulous fantastic 💖🤩

Veena MJ  A day spent in Laguna was so exciting...Unforgettable memories of my life.... Superb experience.. 5 km of Rafting was so thrilling we really enjoyed🚣🚣.. We are so thankful to our respected principal for organising such a amazing trip...

Bhavya shaha  What a wonderful 👍 and nice trip faher

Remy  It was amazing. A good experience at Dandeli.

Shri 6B   Trip is a change to students teachers and drive uncle and aunts so we gone gandarv water park and Bangalore wonderla so thank you father for your trips for us .

Ganeshgouda Patil from class B   They enjoyed a lot for this day. Thank you

Ritisha Patil from class 6 B  It's a enjoying day to your staff. They enjoyed a lot. Thank you

Rosie  Wow! What a beautiful place..Really l missed it

Pavitra  Trilling trip ever waited for it 🚣🏊 enjoyed💃💃 a lot and memorable day in the Assisi family

Subhash Y  It was amazing trip and unforgettable experience.

Poonam  Nothing is better than trip with good freinds.

Flavia F  Loved the springs really Adventurous.... Memorable trip....Enjoyed

Deepali kurade   Such a beautiful place .What a amazing ride it is. i enjoyed lot TQ Father

Renu  Always it's good to take a break from busy life and have an adventurous trip like this. We enjoyed a lot.

Padmavati   Waw...what a fantabulous trip...it's unforgettable..had great fun.Thank you father 🙏 .

Hilda  Really it was a different experience for all of us. Challenge is I can do. Very memorable one. I can never forget it. Encouraged by each other

Jason  Memorable adventures trip in Kali.