Personality Development

A seminar on Personality Development was organized by St Francis of Assisi school on 27-03-2023, for the 10th std students. Rev Fr Naveen Santhosh D’souza, professor of Scripture and Vice Rector of Darshan Theologate, Bangalore, was a resource person. During the school assembly Ms. Vanita Crasta was felicitated for her six years of service in the school.

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Shravani sure   A wonderful speech by father thank you very much father

Shravani sure   A wonderful speech by father thank you very much father

Mayank 2A  Thank you father for your inspiration πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘

Rishika 6 A  A journey well shared is a journey well enjoyed

Saanvi kapali 6th B  On that day morning was beautiful and father had arrived to our school.he gave us a very good encourage.And I think we will not forget Vanita mam.

Yash. S.Kamble 3rd A  It was a very great day.

Disha.S.Kamble 1A  It was a very great day.

Khushi.S.Kamble 6th b   It was a very great day.

Samarth 3rd B  It was so wonderful about the fr. Naveen's speech. It was so mesmerizing one.

Shraddha.khode  It was an activating time with Fr.naveen🌻

Rakesh   Have happy future vanita mam🀩

Nakul Madiwalar 6 th B  It was a very great ful day that Father Naveen Santosh D'Souza visited us all I was very happy to see him..Thank you father for visiting us

Triveni  It's was a really great session. Was a very good inspiration to me.✨

Arush raghavendra sanadi   Thank you father for your inspiration... πŸ™πŸ™

Amruta S Potadar   It is nice to meet Father Naveen sontash d'souza. He gave a wonderful speech and we really miss you vanitha teacher. πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜­

Vedamshi prabhu choudri 1st B  It was nice to learn about personal development in school. It is most important for all .

Saanvi prabhu choudri 6th B   Personal development is the most important for all . It was the nice day to learn about it.

Raman kamble UKG A   It was a nice day to see you father

Raman kamble 6 A  It was nice to see you father Naveen

Sakshi Petakar 6th  It was nice to see Father Naveen Santosh D'Souza to see in our school

Bhavya shaha  What incredible speech father thanks πŸ‘ teaching about features

Prerna kamble 6 A  It was a good day to see you father .And I would like to congratulate Vanita mam .

Sapana C  Thank you Father Naveen for motivating and encouraging us..

Krutika.m.d   Thank you father for your inspiration...

Proonita navale  We all want this type of speach thank you father

Divya choudhary 6th A  It was very grateful that father naveen Santosh D'Souza came to our Assisi school. And thank you father naveen it was meaningful speech about exam. And thank you for giving knowledge about biology and thank you Vanita mam for your support and care we miss you mam.

Pratiksha navale   Thank you Naveen father for giving us meaningful thought about our futher

Anushree Ghatti 6th A  It was really nice to see father naveen D'Souza and thank you Vanita mam for giving knowledge about Biology. We miss you mam

Prachi gandh 6th A  It was very meaningful speech about exams . Thank you father to vist our school

Omkar Gandh 1st A  It was nice to see you Fr. Naveen.

Ganeshgouda Patil from class 1B   That day new father he give a speech and a meaningful information. Thank you

Ritisha Patil from class 6B   That day we saw a new father in our school. Thank you

Sujal  The thoughts of father Naveen were very beautiful and inspirational...

Sankalp Mahesh Petakar  When the Father was expressing his thoughts about exam we came to know how the exam is written and the importance of exam. And I also want to Thank Vanita mam that she has given her knowledge in Biology

Rayisa   It was a good day to see you father

Sujit   Really liked Father Naveen's way of speaking fluently and boldly.. Father's Motivation has really given us a kick to our engine.

Sujit   Really liked Father Naveen's way of speaking fluently and boldy.. Father's Motivation has really given us a kick to our engine.

Nazma Goundi   It was really very good time to help our children to make them think about ther personality development as there are stepping on to the main year .....of there life .... thank you father for this. All the best Vanitha mam for her future

Pavan 9th  When father was expressing his words i came to know the importance of writing the exam , what is its benefits . 2ndly i thank Tr Vanita for giving knowledge about the subject Biology . We miss you mam.

Bhargav Nilajagi 3rd A  It was joyful day and thank you Fr. Naveen for you inspiring words

Bhagyashri Nilajagi 7th B  It was a pleasant day as Fr.Naveen visited us . But I was a bit sad , I got to know that Vanita mam is leaving us . We all will miss you and your classes mam .

Siddharoodh 7th A  It was nice

Bhoomika Jadhav  Thank You Fr. Naveen for inspiring and motivating for our better future. It was a great session! And I also thank Miss Vanita for all your love,support,and encouragement..

MOHAMMED ZAID GHORI   It is so nice to see

Sakshi kapali  It was a fabulous morning where fr naveen had visited us..when he came to our class he motivated us in such a way tht we must reach our goals in our life ..thankyou father for motivating us..A special thanks to miss Vanita for being with us in Assisi family for six years .

NIRANJAN Kagalgomb   Each prism needs a ray of light to give out the 7 wonder light ...Fr.Naveen was was like the ray small ray of light which gives out the beautiful 7 wonderful lights I thank father was motivating us in a such auspicious way.

Vedika Mathapati   Thank you fr for giving some impulsive talks which are imp in our present and upcoming studies.... Vanita teacher thank you for all ur sacrifices. You will be remembered by each one of us in our Assisi school.

Sanket   thank you father naveen D'Souza for your beautiful words and thank you vanita mam for teaching us

Karishma choudhari   Dream high to chase it..A heart without dream is like a bird without features

SY GOURISH  Thank you father this kind of seminars very benificial for the development of students personality. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ’πŸ’πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Yashwantrao Desai   It was very nice to see Fr.Naveen....And I would like to thank Teacher Vanitha for teaching and guiding us...I really liked her teaching....and even as she was a class teacher for us in 4thB class, she really managed it very calmly....She never used to scream on children and take care of them properly...Thank you teacher

Tulasi Potadar   It was a great session.... it'll really give a great inspiration to all of us! Thank you father Naveen for coming and inspiring us

Saharsh Hiremath from class 10  I was very glad to learn a lot from such eminent person.It was very interesting,informative, inspirational session.

Aayman  It was a Motivational Seminar from Fr. Naveen Fernandes.

Shrinik  had a great experience with fr Naveen . thank you

Ishwari  Thank u fr naveen for inspiring us for our future. It was an wonderful session

Nitesh m mhalunge  Personality development is very important for the students, it refers to enhancing their social and emotional well-being, developing their communication and interpersonal skills, and preparing them for future academic and career responsibilities

Pranav R Hebbale 5thB  Thank you FR. Naveen Santosh d,Souza for a great sentence that we have learnt. And happy married life teacher Vanita

Tasmai R Bhajantri   Thank you father Naveen Santosh D'Souza for your inspirated words . Also congratulations mam for your new life.πŸ™‚πŸ€—

Tasmai R Bhajantri   Thank you father Naveen Santosh D'Souza for your inspirated words . Also congratulations mam for your new life.πŸ™‚πŸ€—

Doris  Personality development helps in overall improvement of our children Thank you father for this session I specially congratulate Miss Vanita for the felicitation

Ritesh  Thank you father for motivating us for our upcoming academic year.

Jeevan sir   β€œ Personality is the only permanent thing in our, ultimate. and temporary life…that’s all the more reason to cherish it.” Congratulations on your wedding! Thank you for all your years of selfless service to our great school and for leading by example. May you continue to find success wherever you may be. Goodbye,

Asensiya   Hearty congratulations to Ms Vanita for the felicitation and I thank father for conducting personality development.

Samruddhi R Bhajantri 5th A  Congratulations vanita mam πŸ’–β£οΈ

Doreen  It was very grateful that Fr. Naveen Santosh D'Souza came to our Assisi campus. And I wish Vanita mam for her new life.

Jagruti Hukkeri  Thank you Fr. Naveen for inspiring us all by ur beautiful words...Congratulations vanita teacher..we miss u a lot .....

Remy  Let's change the situation, challenge ourselves and transform the entire world through our personality.

Sukanya   Thank you Father for your speech and best of luck Vanita Mam for your future.

Bhuvan B Desai. 6th B  Thank you Vanita ma'am. We miss you.

Sachi B Desai 9th  Thank you Vanita teacher for your support and care. Thanks for being so kind in every step. Miss you teacher

Videet   Thank you Fr.Naveen for your motivativating and exhilarating words.Thanks Vanita mam wishing you joy and happiness.

Seema F  Personality development is a lifelong process, and as students, they have the opportunity to lay a strong foundation for their future growth. By being intentional, self-aware, and committed to personal growth, they can build a strong and positive personality that will serve them well in all aspects of their life. Special thanks goes to Fr Naveen for animating Personality development session to our 10th std students. Wishing Miss Vanita a bright future ahead.

Vaishnavi 6th B   I would like to Congratulate Vanita mam and thank you for teaching us.

Sumanth  Congratulations miss Vanita. Recognition of the success of 6 years, you worked hard. and we will wish you a bright future.

Rehan pathan   Wow! It was a great day to see the new father when he came and on that day Tr vanita was celebrate her last in the school why because she going to marid so thank her much and her love for students she biology tr to teach us thanku tr.

Flavia F  Congratulations to Ms.vanita. Thank you dear father for motivating our students to develop a Positive outlook towards self development.

Rosie  Personality development is very important in everyone's life.It helps to built up onces image.so it was very good to have you father to guide our children to show them the brighter side for their future.I wish Vanita mam all the best for her future.

Shreyash .P. Navale  Best of luck Vanita mam for your future life ,

Shweta Patil (5th b)  I will miss Vanita mam.. She is the best teacher..I congrats you mam may your dreams come true... Best of luck for your future πŸŽ‰πŸ’πŸ₯³πŸ˜‹πŸ™‚πŸ€—

Snehal dodamani   Personality development is very important for each one of us because the beauty of a person is not judged by clothes but by thoughts, character, values, and actions towards others and how one sees and behaves with others. It was inspirational program our children. And I wish Vanita mam all the best for her future.

Yashoda  A personal development is very important for the 10th standard children's And I wish all the best to vanita teacher for her future.

Ritu billkar  Personality development is a must for the growing children as it helps them to build a personality to form a great society and it also helps them to build their career.πŸ“ˆ

Minaj Tamboli  This programme is very important and useful for everyone so thank u father. And wish u all the best dear vanita teacher.

Padmavati   The personality development increases our self awareness and self-esteem.Thank you father for a magnificent seminar and congratulations to Ms.Vanitha for the great service.

Pavitra  This personality development session helped the students develop the various skills and use them in their future. I wish Vanita Mam best of luck for her future.

Nida  THE ONLY PERSON YOU ARE DESTINED TO BECOME IS THE PERSON YOU DECIDE TO BE.... personality development always help everyone to build up themselves .....it was very nice to have father with us to enhance our students for there better future thank you father All the best vanitha mam for your New beginning.

Subhash Yadagude  A person's personality is what takes a person to the top. And This class is very valuable time for students. And I wish all the best to Vanita madam for her future.

Deepali kurade   A personality development is a developmental programme for enhancing our personality. It helps us in improving our confidence levels and creating a good and lasting impression on others. TQ Father u gave good seminar to our class.10 Students And best of luck for our Vanith Mam .

Ashwini jadhav  Personal development is very important for the children's . And thank you father naveen and father Jeson for conducting personal development class for 10 standard childrens.

Renisha Lobo  Thank u father for enhancing and developing the personality of our 10th students. I also congratulate and wish Ms Vanita for her future life.

Velenciya Fernandis  Thank you father for conducting personality development for our 10th std students. I congratulate Miss Vanita for her six years of service and wish all the best for her future.

Vanitha Crasta   Thank so much for the felicitation, it was beautiful journey of six years in Assisi family where I experienced many new things, I taught lot of children and also enjoyed with them. I thank the Management, Principal, All the teaching and non teaching staff and all my lovely children for the love and support.....Miss you allπŸ₯°

Poonam  I would like to thank Rev Fr Naveen Santhosh D’souza, for giving such a wonderful per personality development skill to our children .and congratulation dear vanita for a great future .

Sandeep Hemagire  Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.” This is what personality says.. Best wishes to Vanita for her future endeavours.

Hilda  Congrats to Vnita. May God bless her. Each movment. Good service 6 years in our school.

Renu  Our children are quick learners they need such seminars for their overall personality development. Also we wish Ms. Vanita all the best for her future life.

Hilda  It is a great opportunity to our beloved students. May be very enreching one. It may help them to reach out their goal and aim.

Veena MJ  In this competitive era personality development programme is most important ,it helps to enhance the knowledge, increases the confidence level, better usage of skills, self awareness,also helps to develop good communication skill. I hope children will develop all the skills and go with confidence... And I wish all the very best to our dearest colleague Miss. Vanita for her future.. πŸ’πŸ’

MARTHA   Mystery of the school teacher felicitated 6th year.