DAY: TWO On 19th morning students left from FISI, Shanti Sadhana to Wonderland Wonderla. As they stepped into Wonderla they were filled with amazement and excitement. Within no time children dispersed to the different activities point to play land games and Water games. Mega High Trill Rides like; Recoil, Flash Tower, Equinox, Insanity, Hurricane, Y- Scream, Techno Jump, Maverick, Drop Zone, Wonderla Bamba, and Tarantula. Land Rides such as Sky Tilt, Wave Rider, Adventures of Chikku, Cine Magic, Musical Fountain and Laser Show, Pirate Ship, Net Walk, Wonder Splash, Sky Wheel, Toon Tango, Termite Coaster and Train, Dungeon Ride, Crazy Cars, Crazy Wagon and Rocking Tug. Water Rides such as Drop Loop, Jungle Lagoon, Lazy River, Boomerang, Harakiri, Fun Racers, Uphill Racers, Banded Kraits, Twisters, Rain Dance, Wave Pools, Play Pools, Wavy and Vertical fall and Korneto. All enjoyed to their heart's content. Though some were filled with fun and laughter but many more were horrifying and terrifying. Many students at the beginning felt that their heart was in their mouth as they adventured into games. As they went on playing confidence level was increased. Children enjoyed playing till the clock struck six. The time that was spent inside the Wonderla can never be forgotten.

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Santhosh L B   It was memorable trip ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

Ritisha Patil from class 6  I've been to the hall of fame many times, in grade

Janhavi kumbar  One of the bestest day experienced at wonderful wonderla .the rides of wonderla just threw our scariness out .the unforgettable rides of wonderla were roller-coaster, splash train,drop zone,gaint wheel and all the water rides .the most which I went atleast 10 times is water slides.this were the rides which I liked the most .playing all the games with teachers and friends gave lots of fun and entertainment. We went only for 3 days but we made hundreds of memories and this memories will remain forever for everyone. Moreover the trip to Bangalore was fully filled with joy and happiness

Sharatchandra  Very memorial and beautiful trip!!!

Mangalgouri   The trip was so memorable....The 1st day of trip to last day of trip we enjoyed a lot..... A single minute also we have enjoyed..... We felt so comfortable with teacher's.... As we felt as we are with our parents....

Hemavati   It is very nice and wonderful trip

Raviraj.C  Best and memorable trip...๐Ÿ’ซ Really a great experience...

sarthak  A great and wonderful experience with friends and teachers

Aayman Shaikh   A Thrilling Experience At Wonderla !! And A Good Physi .

Mahek  We were having fun but didn't realise that we were making the best memories of our school life

Shivam   I'm glad to go attend the tour, probably last tour with friends to Bengaluru. I'm happy for this because from past 4 to 5 years we had no tour the experience of this tour was beyond the expectations. Although this words are not enough to share the feelings of the tour. Lastly I would thank father and all teachers to make our 10 batch unforgettable till the end.

Pratik Peerappgol 3B  The amazing Wonderla is wonderful of Assisi school

Saanvi prabhu choudri  The trip is done for enjoyment with friends and teachers, and this trip is done really enjoyful .

Fatima jamadar   It was amazing trip which i enjoyed with my friends in wonderla it was the best part of banglore trip. I would like to say you that when you visit Bangalore you can go to wonderla and create many memories with your family and friends. I enjoyed this trip with my friends and teachers i enjoyed lot in land games there were such a amazing rides and i enjoyed i thank father Jeson and all the teachers to take us safely and bring back safely once again thank you father for such a wonderful trip and it was a wonderful experience

Aliya 9th  This trip has to be one of the best memory of my school life! I had fun and tried live each and every moment there. Special thanks to Father Jeson, teachers and my friends for making this trip a memorable one.

Saiswaroop Iti  It was memorable tour organized by our principal .literally a great experience with teachers and friends .

Asha  "A journey well shared is a journey well enjoyed" ........ unforgettable and memorable trip forever โ™พ๏ธ๐Ÿ’–

Shraddha.khode  It's absolutely worth to visit wonderla.It was an stunning experience.Spent an amazing moments with friends and teachers with total delightment and gladness.๐Ÿ’—โœจ

Sanskar   A great and wonderful experience with friends and teachers and we enjoyed a lot.

Sahana Magadum  It was memorable trip.Enjoyed a lot......๐Ÿฅณ๐Ÿฅณ

Shreya c  It was the best, thrilled and fun - filled experience I have ever had!...

Saisagar   Worth a visit, we enjoyed a lot!!!!

Samiksha Shetty   One of the best moments spent!!

Chidambar Tenginkai   If u you come to Bangalore you need to go for wonderla best amusement park in south India .You can enjoy a lot with your family & friends and nice and adventures games too. "Life was meant for good friends and great adventures".

Darshan  The trip was memorable one and most enjoyable moment was in the wonderla

Arnav  Enjoyed lot, wonderful memories

Shreyash navale  It was the way to bangalore and it was trilling and wonderfull trip my brothers and sisters enjoyed a lot .

Spandana 8th A  Fantastic trip. It was so enjoyable spending time with friends. The peaceful environment in PG made us feel so relaxed and calm. I felt so happy. The places we went were the best but the truth is I was able to feel the happiness around me because I was with my friends and teachers, teachers who are strict during the classes but become a kid with us which I felt was the best part of our Banglore journey.... Wonderla, talking about it I can surely say that it was the wonderful experience of my life as I was with my most wonderful friends who made it even more awesome..... Totally I would like to say that Banglore trip and it's memories will always stay with me FOREVER.... Thank you father and teachers for creating such an unforgettable memory of my life and taking care of us throughout the journey and bringing us back safely...

Doreen  My friends enjoyed a lot to Banglore trip. This trip was memorable to them, I think so they enjoyed all the three days ๐Ÿ™‚

Doreen  My friends enjoyed a lot to Banglore trip. This trip was memorable to them, I think so they enjoyed all the three days ๐Ÿ™‚

laxmikant kamane  It was not just a trip it was the best experince had with my homies๐Ÿ˜Œ

Vaishnavi kotagi   A wonderful trip with friends.The two days were with lot of enjoyment and happiness. The trip was fantastic and it is unforgettable one.

Pratik sunagar  A magnificent tripโœŒ๐Ÿป. Every one of us enjoyed it a lot and made it memorable! โค๏ธโ˜บ๏ธ

Siddaroodha 7th A  It was very wonderful and we enjoyed so much

Abinaya Giddali   This trip was amazing and memorable one

Kriti desai  It was a memorable one.

Niranjan R P 7b  We had too much fun in wonderland there were so many land rides and water rides it was a thrilling experience I thank father for this memorable trip

Veerangouda patil   Very nice trip โœˆ appreciated

rifaat patil  Best time ever spent!โœจ

Vedika 9th  Perfect trip with perfect enjoyment.Still can't come out from some horrible rides. Thanking the staff for handling us and bringing us safely.

Shriraksha D  This trip had captured the most beautiful moments I have ever spent with my friends. Indeed, these memories will be cherished forever

Ganesh Kareppagol  This trip has created great joyful memories. Proved student life is golden life.

Sahana potadar   The place which we were excited and waiting.. ๐Ÿ’—

Sneha Tenginkai   "LAST YEAR..BEST MEMORIES!"

Prajwal Marathe   Great experience at wonderla, adventures place with a chance to release out our fear

Shrabani 6 B  The best of the day to all of std 10 to 7ate very lucky to have to go to wonder and the best time to in the day of first day is planterem to sleep because night then did not sleep in train ok now I end my story here and the y had a nice time

SURAJ 8B  Wonderla is a place for adventure lovers . Lots of thrilling rides .It was very wonderful and a memorable trip.

Swastik gundappagol  It was wonderful trip

Nidhi Patil   It was wonderful trip. Enjoyed a lot ๐Ÿ˜Š

KALMESH KIWAD  The tour was amazing.The name wonderla suggest that wonder in land.This is amazing place to visit there were 26 land games and 12 water games.I thank father to organised this tour

Prasti   A great outdoor picnic for people of every age and groups of different types. We didnโ€™t take most of the land rides as they felt similar while water rides were ready interesting and fun. Land rides could be made more interesting.

Spoorti. K. Khadakabhavi  A Fun-Filled Day!โค๏ธโœจ

Pooja netalkar  Many memories were made during the trip. It was a lot of fun hanging out with friends. Wonderla was just amazing....We had a great time and enjoyed a lot in this trip.

Aditya chidanand Kapali 8A  I was very excited to visit the beautiful Bangalore city. First day we saw whole city of Bangalore, it is really wonderful experience. The Bangalore is symbol of "unity in diversity" and i experienced the same. city of Bangalore is known asย India's Silicon Valley, an IT hub which attracts the best domestic and international technology companies. And second day we visited the wonderla , i enjoined lot in wonderla with friends and teachers, it was memorable and i am very thankful to my school giving me this wonderful experience in tour.i thank all the teachers.

Swayam Bellad   Very nice trip organised by father we enjoyed a lot

Sakshi kapali  Trip was just adventurous enjoyed alot .it was a pleasure reading the gracious about the wonderla.it was joyous day in wonderland.we all enjoyed alot in land and water rides in amusement park

Kavya  It was very wonderful and great experience for me. Enjoyed a lot in wonderla.Enjoyed all the land and water rides. Wave pool was my favourite among the all.

Shrinik  The trip was just awesome, wonderla was so theriling and adventurous.

Asima  It was a memorable tour

Riddhi Patil   We had overcome our fear by the thrilling rides over wonderla

Darshana 8th  It was an amazing time spent in wonderla,the wonder of land.Made a lot of memories.

Aishwarya   Made lot of memory โค๏ธ

Varadraj Koshti  The trip was wonderful,the planning was very good and everything was well thought out, which lead to maximum enjoyment in every second of the trip. Thank you Father for this wonderful opportunity

Chetan Tenginkai  'Wonderla' Name itself suggests 'wonder in land'. There were 26 land games and 14 wet games.The games were worth the trip.The time spent was not known to us as we enjoyed a lot.

Ishwari   An amazing and memorable trip

Anish 9th  It's a great experience there at Bangalore.

Misti  The bangalore trip was adventurous and also amazing we enjoyed the trip.

Aditya K 8 A  "Very wonderful vibes in wonderla".A very nice experience which is more than worth it. I enjoyed a lot that i don't have words to express it.

Sujata Salagare  Nice and the trip will be memorable for all. Childrens are delighted and thrilled in this excursion. โœจ

Saanvi  Wonderla has Full- fledged dance floor with a twist, electronically contained rain showers. In these pictures sisters and brothers enjoyed in high thrill Rides and land games and they really enjoyed a lot.

Shravani sure   Wonderla it's a world of wonder with full enjoyment. Wonderla is a amazing place where we get full enjoyment of a day with wonder

Shreyas M S  Feels good to see Assisians enjoying...๐Ÿ˜„

Aditya Jadhav  Had a wonderful time in wonderla.

Ritesh  It was a wonderful experience in wonderla.

Videet   From reaching wonderla to departing from wonderla I had the same energy throughout the day . The wild rides of wonderla kept up my vigour. It is an unforgettable experience.Worth a visit

Ryna Rodriguez  Wonderla, an amusement park of fun.. Nice to see our students having fun in the water..

MARTHA   The students staff teacher'wonderla amazing.

Samrudhi 8th  First day we went to planeterium museum and lulo mall we learned in museum about space and science Second day we went to Wonderla we enjoyed all the rides and it was fun to enjoy with teachers and friends

Shreyan  First day of our trip we went to planetarium and then we were in museum . I got to learn many things about machines, plants, space and science. Second day we were in wonderla it was really a wonderful experience in wonderla . I really enjoyed the rides and had a good time in wonderla. There were thrilling rides but I enjoyed recoiler the most.

Shrikar  It was a Wonderful in the wonderla and we enjoyed a many landrides and water rides .we enjoyed water rides more than a landrides.I enjoyed in water rides waterslide and wave ๐ŸŒŠ pool . I t was a wonderful trip to the banglore wonderla.

Nazma Goundi   Thrilling experience in wonderla...Amazing trip.

Sapana C   The best time spent with friends. Wonderla is really amazing.. It was a Thrilling experience which made my trip a memorable one..

Remy  Wonderla is a wonderland . Worth experiencing ..... Amazing......

Shreyas Gasti  It was just an amazing trip and really enjoyed a lot..I wish to visit it again..

Saharsh s Hiremath   Wonderful and amusing experience at wonderla .

Tulsa  Wonderla trip was very wonderful trip in my life it's unforgettable memories

Pratiksha  It was amazing and wonderful trip we enjoyed a lot

Mariyam Ashika   It was a thrilling day. Quite good excercise of body.

Ritu billkar  Wonderla has created happy vibes ๐Ÿ„

ATEEQ  It was a wonderful experience of trip.And I hope all enjoyed the same..... I thank Fr.Jeson.For organizing a wonderful trip.

Ashwini kamane  children's are enjoyed lot. Beautiful place Wonderla . Thank you father to arranged this grip.

Renu  We have agree that our children are very courageous to try these terrific rides

Flavia F  Paradise found, loved the day had Great fun .... Beautiful memories at WONDERLA

Sumanth  The best time with students and colleagues. Wonderla is really wonderful. The recoil (Recoaster) ride was the awesome unforgettable ride of my life..

Tirtham   A day in wonderla was a thrilling day , after sitting in rides the fear flew away from us , enjoyed the wonder day at wonderla ......โ˜บ๏ธ

Sukanya   It's memorable and thrilling experience to all children.

Krutika Dindigatti  "The happiest place on the earth".

Jagruti Hukkeri  With lot of fun and curiosity enjoyed the wonderful games of wonderla...

Khushi.Laxetti  Confidence reached the peak...The fun outweighed our fears...Had great time, made great memories!โ™ฅ๏ธ

Sameer  The trip was adventurous and wonderful. Especially the wonderla was a thrilling experience which made the trip full of fun and joy.

Samrudhi 8th  Wonderla is the largest chain of amusement park in India it was amazing day to enjoy with teachers and friends it was best experience

Karishma choudhari   Forgot the fear and got the joy๐Ÿฅณ

Sujit  Enjoyed Too much! If anybody goes to banglore, I recommend to visit this place. Worth A visit!

Gouri Sammatshetti   Memories with Fun!โค๏ธ

Tayyab  It was a wonder of wonderful trip to wonderland and thrilling adventure there

Yashoda  It was really super trip๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ.Wonderland is Wonderful.....

Minaj Tamboli  Happy to see all are enjoying it was a great and memorable day๐Ÿ˜Š

Abhishek budni  Nice ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Seema F  Wonderla, the wonderland of an adventure galore and a dream come true for the students. we could see the screams of joy in the happy faces all around. A trip to remember.

Nida  Nice to see all happy ..A day in water made a life long memory in all's heart

Poonam  Good to see Children enjoyed many rides in wonderla .

Jeevan fernandes  Unforgettable trip, small refreshment before to begin exams. Good Time

Aaradhya Mohite   It was really nice trip to all ๐Ÿฅฐ๐ŸคŸ

Veena  Nice to see the children enjoying in water.. So wonderful trip..

Rosie  Wow! What a beautiful place to see.. Really children enjoyed a lot by looking at their face.

Ashwini jadhav  It is one of the good trip wonderfull in wondrela

Subhash Yadagude   It was amazing and memorable trip.

Pavitra  The day was fully filled with excitement at Wonderla created happy and memorable movements.

Asensiya   Good to see everyone having lots and lots of fun.

Doris  Unfortunately time spent with everyone in wonderla

Renisha Lobo  Everyone is looking happy and excited. Good to see the happy faces. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Velenciya Fernandis  Lots of wonders and amazes in Wonderla. Everyone had a great time in wonderla.

Nitesh m mhalunge  Wonderland is wonderful, students are looking enjoying the rides.really it was very good experience for the students.

Deepali kurade   It is really a trip.it is wonderful and enjoyable. How to express!

Vanita Crasta   It was very thrilling experience in wonderla.

Padmavati   Waw...what an amazing trip it seems children enjoyed the most...Happy to see you all...

Snehal dodamani   Wow great photos. More Fun for our children Than any other vacation place.

Hilda  No words how to express. You all are too brave and courageous. Need to give a good hand.

Sandeep Hemagire  It was really an amazing experience for the students. Students enjoyed all most all the rides at wonderla. Worth visiting place at Bengaluru.

Jason  It was nice experience to increase self confidence.