Learning Is Never Ending Process

DAY:ONE St Francis of Assisi School organized Educational Tour for high school students to Bangalore, from 18-01-2023 to 19-01-2023 for two days. On 17th night at 9pm boarded the train from Belagavi. As soon as they reached Bangalore railway station immediately, they boarded Metro to go to Kengeri. It was a new experience for the students. As all students 123 and staff 12 reached Franciscan Institute of Spirituality, India (FISI), Shanti Sadhana, friars over there welcomed all of them warmly and gave rooms to all 135 members. Students really enjoyed the hospitality and campus over there. After refreshing and breakfast all of them proceeded to Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, there they watched Solar System and learnt many concepts of Science which were displayed in the park. After the lunch all stepped into the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, children spent lots of time over there learning Physics, Chemistry and Biology concepts. Really! it was a great learning. After that journey was continued towards Legislative House, Vidhana Soudha to take picture of it. As the evening drew near all of them marched towards Lulu Mall. There they enjoyed playing various games, shopping the best things they needed and eating their favourite food items. Night pulled the certain and closed the day as they all reached to FISI, Shanti Sadhana to take rest.

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Ganesh class 6th A  l iked this function and it was beautiful function really I liked it...nice Dance in children.. The program was fantastic,i proud my school...

Ritisha Patil from class -6B  To our mind,the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday as if for the first time ,to be in the position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for grand. Thank you

Raviraj.C  Had lots of fun with friends on the 1st day of tour...

Saanvi prabhu choudri  Trip is for enjoyment and it make us to learn something still more .

Riddhi Patil  Learning is the art of life

Sahana potadar   Very amazing tour which we had this year The place were we stayed was just wow! Museum was filled with knowledge then next to lulu Mall no words to express 😂 then the next day to wonderla was the most enjoyed place. The tour was just wonderful. Thankyou father to organize the tour for us and thanks to all teachers to bring us back safe ☺️

Prajwal Marathe  Great opportunity for each and everyone to Dare the life of complete freedom and an prominent experience with enthusiasm

Prasti 8th B  We enjoyed a lot on 1st day. I was very happy seeing neheru planetarium specially in lulu mall.

Sapana C   Great time spent on the 1st day of tour...enjoyed a lot.

Aditya K 8 A  "A very well maintained stay in a well maintained cottage". The stay was amazing and i enjoyed a lot. We git a chance to meet , see new people nd explore much.

Saanvi  Learning is a continuous gaining knowledge and skills. And we saw that sisters and brothers went museum ,🖼️planetarium , vidhansabha and learned about them.

Krutika Dindigatti  A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles... It was really a wonderful trip...

Sujit   Enjoyed And had A fun learning in day one! But the real fun was in the day Two!!

Fatima jamadar   It was a wonderful experience i enjoyed a lot with teachers and friends i enjoyed in wonderla very much and in nehru planetarium it a night of wonderful stars in the sky it was a memorable one it was best part of this school tripa and i liked traveling in the train i thank all teachers to take us back safely and thank father to organize this a wonderful trip

Karishma choudhari   Always say yes for new adventures..💯

Shravani sure  It was a experienced trip very enjoy full and memorable and also it is beautiful place to visit

Sarvesh Ranjan Mahadik   It beautiful places , full of knowledge.

Minaj Tamboli  Trip was full of knowledge and full of happiness.

Sumanth  A very nice experience on the 1st day of the tour. Waiting for the second day.

Mariyam Ashika   Learning never stops. We tend to learn and gain absolute knowledge from every point of our lives, from the day we are born till we go to the grave.

Doris  The best education you get is traveling nothing teach you more than exploring the world and expand experience. Our student gained lot of experience through this trip

Rosie  Really it is good to see that our children are enjoying the tour to Bangalore..

Yashoda  It was a good opportunity for students.👌👌super trip

Poonam  Very nice to see student enjoyed and learnt many concepts .

Tulsi  Learning is a ocean of experiences. Through this educational tour, we learnt a lot of science related topics.

Flavia F  Marvellous treasures of science is enfolded in the basket of Vishweshwaraya museum. Holistic earth with amazing planet's binded us with robust imagination. Memorable Day 1 @Bangalore with 123 students

Nazma Goundi   The smile on the face of the students shows the trip to Bangalore was Affectionate and amusing.

Padmavati   children got a good opportunity to gain more knowledge ...it's looks amazing...hopes so they enjoyed lot....

Shraddha.khode  This our finest tour with erudition gaining manner in a statisfactory way..I admire this tour in a cordial form💗

MARTHA   It was too good they were enjoying

Renu  It seems like it was a very educative tour for the children. They might have acquired a lot of knowledge here

Nitesh m mhalunge  Trip was amazing, studants are enjoyed lot .

Subhash Y   It was amazing trip. and wonderla is so wonderful place to enjoy.

Sukanya    Learning by observing, It's good experience to all.

Ashwini jadhav  It was wonderfull trip for students. Our childrens enjoyed a lot.

Ritu billkar  Nice to see our children exploring Bangalore#siliconcity 🚆🚈

Jeevan fernandes  Wonderful day at wonderla ,it was amazing trip to Bangalore

Snehal dodamani   Mind of children were stretched by a new experience. It is so informative journey for everyone. Nice to see all children enjoying so much.

Veena  Wonder..'la!!! Students gained knowledge with enjoyment.. Children will carry these wonderful memories throughout their life.... Happy to see all..

Seema F  A journey of discovery is a wealth to gain knowledge and learning in a fun and adventurous way, it broadens the perspective and makes our school students to appreciate the world and its diversity. It's the beauty of learning, the power of exploration, an adventure of the mind, and a grand sensation.

Deepali kurade   Such a beautiful trip.What an amazing rides students enjoyed a lot.tq father

Asensiya   Gaining knowledge by exploring the world is an amazing experience for children.

Remy  Nehru planetarium offered a fascinating show on stars and planets and engaging open air science park. Secondly, museum was a treasure trove of machines and artcrafts related to science and technology. Fun science was very interesting at the museum. Worth visiting these two places in Bangalore.

Vanita Crasta  Learning through visualizations, models and demonstrations makes learning lively and interesting. This experience was realistic and knowledgeable.

Velenciya Fernandis  Educational tour is a great source of learning, enjoyment and lot more. Through this tour we learnt and enjoyed a lot.

Pavitra  This educational trip made everyone to update the knowledge through involving in it.

Ashwini kamane  amazing experience. Children's are enjoyed lot. Thank you father

Renisha Lobo  Educational tour is a wonderful opportunity to learn, have fun and refresh the mind.

Nida  Knowledge is the power . Information is liberating Education is the premises of progress everywhere...... Happy to see u children in this educational world.

Sandeep Hemagire  What an amazing experience it was. Jawahar Lal Nehru planetarium and Vishweshwarayya museum was really worth visiting places in Bangalore. Many science concepts gets clear after wandering inside the museum.

idoline rodrigues   Very nice NQP2FQ

Hilda  It was a good opportunity make use of the freedom to enjoy. Keep up the spirit.

Jeson  Leaning is a joyful process. We have to learn till the end of our life.