St Francis of Assisi school planned a day outing on 08-01-2023, for higher primary students to Gandharva Water Park, Kolhapur. Seventy-One students were accompanied by fourteen staff. As children entered the park, they were thrilled to see different games. Their feet started to move quickly to play land games. As they finished all of them, they hurried to the water pool to play water slides. The little chilled and cooled weather never stopped them, to be in water. The puppet shows and magic show flared the joy of children.

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chetaya jain  chetaya jain 6A I was very joyfull

Karishma choudhari   Life is meant for making great memories with great freinds⚡

Saiswaroop Iti  Picnic's are the memorable moments with our friends. it was a memorable moment to the students who went to enjoy their picnic .

Sarvesh Mahadik   We enjoyed lot in this trip and l thank father for conducting such wonderful trip and it was my best trip ever.

Aditi 7th [A]   A trip to gandhrav Waterpark was a wonderful trip I enjoyed a lot in this trip we played land games, we also played in water park after that we saw the magic show and the pupet show which was wonderful thank you father for organising this trip for us

Vaishnavi Kore   It was an amazing, mesmerizing outing.... I literally enjoyed water games .... I would like to thank father for the wonderful trip .....

Yashoda  Supar trip👌👌

Khushi.Laxetti  The joy and happiness!💫..These smiling faces say it all...❤

ȺẞℏᎥຮꫝⅇҟ 8th A  The ideal waterpark will have a healthy mix of slides "from mild to wild," as well as unique twists on classics, and an unparalleled children's area.I wish all my bro and sis are enjoyed a lot.😊✔▰▱▰▱

Ritu billkar  It looks like...they enjoyed alot🥳

Mariyam Ashika   Those cheerful faces and enthusiasm of our students, brings massive happiness to our hearts.

Proonita navale  Thank you father to Orginize such a wonderful trip .We enjoyed a lot in bus ,land games , and in waterslides etc .. once again thank you father , teachers and uncles to make us more enjoyment.

Madesh  IT was wonderful wonderful day to go Gandharva water park we feel in water amazing with our friends also all the arrangement was good like breakfast land games and snacks thank you father to give the strip the amazing water park 🎉🎉🎇

Nitesh m mhalunge  The trip was amazing and students enjoyed a lot.

Rosie  It is wonderful to see that our children are enjoying the day out picnic.ln Gandharva waterpark.

Flavia F  Sparkling faces with laughter and joy, splashing water with sounds of cheerful hoy.

Remy  A great place to enjoy a day break....... Great water games for children.

Sujit   Feels good to see everybody enjoying!

Seema F  Wonderful to see our children cooling off themselves with splash of water in the water park. Children having a chilling blast..

Seema F  Wonderful to see our children cooling off themselves with splash of water in the water park. Children having a blast..

Sukanya   It is very nice to see happy faces of all children.

Pankaj   It was a good trip organized by our school and It was a enjoying day we spent ,and thanks to teachers and uncle who made this day enjoyable

Tulsi  I enjoyed a lot. It's one of the memorable trip.

Nazma Goundi   Picnic brings togetherness and lots of memories. Thank you Father..

Renu  So good to see how the children are enjoying in water.

Asensiya  Nice to see children having fun with each other.

Snehal dodamani   Most enjoyable day with all children. Had full fun.. thank you father for this picnic

Jeevan fernandes  Mind refreshing day. Memorable day at Gandharva Waterpark

Pavitra  Students were thrilled in the water park and made sizzling memories

Minaj Tamboli  One day trip was wonderful and enjoyable day for us and one of the precious time for me 😊

Velenciya Fernandis  Watching the children's happiness is priceless. And these photos are the true witnesses to it.

Renisha Lobo  Feeling good to see the children happy and having fun. Their excitement is clearly seen in the pics.

Deepali kurade   wonderful trip we all enjoyed lot in water TQ Father

Ashwini jadhav  It was wonderfull trip. our childrens are enjoying lot they played land game and also water games.it was memorable day for teachers and children's.

Vanita Crasta  It's amazing to see children smiling and enjoying their picnic day.

Doris  Nice to see our children having fun 🤩🤩

Veena  School trip will be memorable always.. Every one enjoyed a day outing a lot...

Subhash Yadagude   This trip was a beautiful arrangement. and it showed students are enjoyed lot.

MARTHA   Wow! You had a good time. Keep it up

Sandeep Hemagire  It was an enjoyable day for the kids .

Sumanth  Nice to see children enjoying the water games. Taking a gap between academic studies and school, students are relaxed after playing with friends.

Ashwini kamane  wonderful trip we enjoyed lot memorable day for us thank you father given to us wonderful trip.thank you father.

Nida  One day trip....made a memory for life time..... enjoyed a lot with children.....🥳

Poonam  This trip was amazing .

Padmavati   Waw...it's an incredibly joyful for children

Hilda  Dear beloved ones glad to see enjoying with me. I'm lucky to have you all. I love you so much.

Jason  A day spent in water, memorable!