Annual Assisi Sports Meet-2022

A three days Annual Assisi Sports Meet was organized by St. Francis of Asssisi School. The event took place in the spacious playground of the school. Rev. Fr. Simon Bhutelo MSFS was the chief guest of the event and Fr. Pradeep MSFS was the guest of honour. The event began with welcoming the guests by band procession followed by the prayer dance. Fr. Jeson Fernandes, the principal of our school welcomed the dignitaries and all the participants of the sports meet. This was followed by the magnificent torch relay ceremony which heralded message of peace, friendship and the start of Assisi Sports 2022. The SPL of our school, Miss Gouri Samathshetti initiated the oath taking ceremony. Moreover, our guest of honour Fr. Pradeep gave an inaugural address, motivating students to participate in all the activities and explore their talents. Thereafter, our chief guest gave a start off to the events by cutting the ribbon and by serving Volley ball. Thereby, the students of the four different houses competed against each other in athletics events like; Relay, Running Race, Long Jump, High Jump, Short Foot, Javelin Throw etc., and Team Games like; Football (Soccer), Volleyball, Kabaddi, throw ball etc. Kindergarten kids too participated in many fun games and races. All the students cheered for their group members during the events.

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Diya Kamate from 4 B class sg.  I really enjoyed the sports day ☺️☺️

Shreyas Khot 4A  It is happy days It is Chanas to sopot to your gourp

Sujit   Really enjoyed the annual sports day, had a great time

Dhairya A Malikwade   Sports day is a day where all the students participate to win the medals 🥇🥈🥉 and trophy 🏆 It was a wonderful day

Chidambar Tenginkai   Sports day was best day for students of assisi. All have tried hard to gain victory.“If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, you’ll be hard to beat.” It was the time to prove a champion.A champion is someone who gets up, even when he can’t. Thank you father for organizing the sports day for us we enjoyed a lot .Thank you

FATIMA JAMADAR   We have a great collection of medals, certificate and awards at home signifies our wins on the sports day. Sports day provides us with unforgettable memories every year.It gives us a chance to make even more and better memories with our friends and we enjoy this day. A champion is someone who gets up when he can't. Hard work beats talent when talent when talent doesn't work hard.I thank all the teachers to keep us safe thank you principal to have this sports day in our school

Minaj Tamboli  It was a memorable day,All the children shown their talent in sports so keep it up just never give up children 😊

Abhishek benadi 8th A  A month prior to the event, all the children of the school were divided into four houses and respective sports groups such as senior, junior and sub-junior. Once the children are allotted their houses and groups, the various Outdoor Games begin. It is the most interesting and the most spirited part of the whole event.

Sakshi Mahesh Petakar  Sport' means all forms of physical activity which, through casual or organised participation, aim at expressing or improving physical fitness and mental wellbeing, forming social relationships or obtaining results in competition at all levels. And the sports was held in our school for enjoyment.

Sankalp Mahesh Petakar  “The only way to prove that you're a good sport is to lose.”“It's not whether you get knocked down; it's whether you get up.” – Vince Lombardi. “Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement.” – Marv Levy. “Pain is temporary.

Tanmay Janagoud  Super

Pavankumar 8th A  Just like annual days, sports day is also an important day for schools and colleges. Sports is given due importance in all the educational institutions! As it is said that a sound mind lies in a healthy body, so better your health is; the more swiftly will your brain work. At last participation is important.

Prashant 4th B  Hard days are the best because those are the days when champions are made. Happy National Sports Day! 5. Life is incomplete without sports, it's the time to refresh our time so play as much as you can.

Renu  Congratulations to all the medal winners

Nagaratna  Winners never quit and quitters never win..It was wonderful sport meet,our kids participated and enjoyed lot..Thanks to school for organizing such a nice sport meet..

Nazma Goundi  Sports day was memorable.Students enjoyed lot and showed their tallent.Keep it up

Shreedha  Congratulations to all participants

Aditi 7th [A]   Sports is not only to develop our sense of friendliness and team spirit but also help to develop physical toughness and mental health it also makes us strong and active thank you father to organise sports day for us

SANVI S B UKG B  So energetic 3 day I got 🥇🥉 medals in annual sports and congratulations to seniors and my friends who are participated and winners in sports thank you father and all teachers to an your encouragement.

Raksha Madiwalar   Hard days are the best because those are the days when the champions are made.The favorite part of the game is the opportunity to play.Life is incomplete without sports,it is the time to refresh our time and mind.

Sandeep Hemagire  It was a great day for assisi kids to prove their physical & mental stamina.

Nakul Madiwalar 6 B  A champion is someone who gets up when he can't.Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard

Samiksha Hiremath 7th B  A true athlete is one who strive to play the best not to win the best and eventually never make excuses but make history.

Swayam Munde  Sports day is said to be the best day because it is a day were champions are awarded and we are free from all the studies and every child tries to win to become the champion. Let they win or lose but trying is very important. Those are the only 3 days but happiest moment throughout the year.

Subhash   Sports day was very special day for students. student was participated with enthusiastically and they showed their talent, physical skills and energy. thanks to organized committee.

Sachi B Desai 8thA  Participation is more important than winning or loosing... Many congratulations to all the participants and organisers. I enjoyed every moment of those sports days. Memorable ones.. It brought squad spirit among us. I always did for my squad . Cheering was most loving. Thank you all.

Nida  Keep it up children..... nice to see your sportsmanship....

Sakshi kapali  Sports days are best because those are the days when champions are made to be the best you must know to handle and worst and power of sports . congratulations to all the winners 🏆

Jeevan Fds  Very fantastic

Diya Kamate from 4 B class   It was wonderful day 🥰🥰

Ashwini kamane  good spirit

Hilda  Excellent! Keep up the good spirit.

Remy  It was a memorable sports meet