Inauguration of the New Computer Lab

St Francis of Assisi School inaugurated new computer lab on August 24, 2022. The former directors of the school Rev. Fr Vijay Kumar OFM Cap., the councilor of Holy Trinity Province Karnataka and Rev. Fr Arun Lobo OFM Cap., director of Asha Kiran Deaddiction centre Palya, Hassan, were welcomed by offering flower bouquets. The blessing of the lab was done by Rev. Fr Arun Lobo and in his speech he appreciated the all the students, teaching and non-teaching staff for their incredible contribution in the development of the school. Further speaking on the technology he said, β€œIn the educational world, those who do not know to read and to write are called illiterate. In the Technological world, those who do not know the computers are called computer illiterate.” The Computer lab was inaugurated by Rev. Fr Vijay Kumar. He wished all best for all the students and staff.

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idoline rodrigues  Congratulations dear principal and staff.A good venture.may your institute still go higher

MOHAMMED ZAID GHORI   I Like The New Computer labe and I want to say for the Josan Father Thank you .

Subhash Y  Congratulations..

Remy  Congratulations....

Veena  Digital knowledge can accelerate progress. Congratulations...

Rosie  Congratulations for the new computer lab.

Jeevan Fds  Congratulations. Make best use of it. Good wishes

Sandeep Hemagire  As a computer teacher at St Francis of Assisi school, I would like to thank Management & Principal for providing dedicated computer lab for the students & staff. It helps the pupils to enrich the skills & knowledge in computer subject.

Yashwantrao Desai   A world without technology would be very stressful, and without the technology that exists, we would have many problems that we don't have today. There would be no social media, no devices, and many other things that could change the way we live...I would like to thank the principal of our school to install a now computer lab....I really love the new computer lab a lot... And also my favourite subject is Computer and by installind the new computer lab I am very happy to see and work on those new computers in the lab.. These computers may help or school students to develop their computer skills and many more...There is nothing without technology... And at last I again thank father for the new computer lab...

Nida  More learning with new technology's.... πŸ‘

Shivansh shinde   Very nice πŸ‘

Soham shinde  Congratulations n great job