Mr Remy Rodrigues secures First Rank in M.Ed.

Mr Remy Rodrigues the assistant teacher of St Francis of Assisi school secured First Rank in Rani Chennamma University Belagavi, in M.ed examination. He is also now a double degree holder. We congratulate him and wish him all the best in his career as teacher!

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Saanvi prabhu choudri  Congratulations sir 👏, be always successful.

Remy  I take this opportunity to thank Fr. Jeson Fernandes, the principal of our school for giving me an opportunity to do this course. And also for his constant support and guidance. I thank all my colleagues, students, parents and friends for their wishes and love. Thank you one and all.

Shivam   Congratulations to you sir. We are greatful and lucky to have you as our class teacher.

Preetam Patil  Congratulations sir being a first rank in M. Eid

Swayam   Congratulations Sir and and I thank father to appoint him and he has good teaching skills and methods that has been observed by Father and appointed him and I appreciate sir and we are proud to be in the school

Robin  Congratulations dear Sir. Happy for you.. Sir..

Shreya Praveen Shirgguppikar   Congratulations 🎊 Sir. It is very proud movement for the whole school. Wishing you all the best for your career further

Pratham Yamakanamardi  Congratulations sir !!!😊

Nishant   Congratulations sir

Bhumika hullennvar  Congratulations sir 🎉🎉

Subhash Yadagude   Congratulations sir, I feel so proud of you sir.

Rosie  Congratulations sir

Padmavathi Kore   Congratulations Sir...

Deepali kurade  congratulations sir

Chinmay Dammanagi  Congratulations sir

Shrinidhi Farale  Congratulations sir on your well-deserved success!! 💐🎉 You're an inspiration! 💫💯