‘A sound health is the product of healthy cooking.’ To make the students aware of this fact and to experience the culinary skills St. Francis of Assisi School organized a Cooking without Fire Competition in the school for Classes 5 th to 10 th on 25 th June, 2022. All the students served a big spread of dishes at the competition. Participants had to prepare dishes without using any source of heat or prepared ingredients. It was a wonderful experience altogether for the children to know their exceptional talents.It was also a combination of knowledge and entertainment that helped the children to perceive the importance of conserving energy. The children spoke with confidence with judges regarding the various health benefits of the dishes prepared by them.

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Vaishnavi Kore   I enjoyed the competition. I and my friends prepared delicious food.. Thank you Assisi.

Remy  A sweet delicious food

Sadanand iti  Mouth watering..... yummy😋 it's all about harnessing imagination and creativity....🥰marvelous

Padmavathi Kore   Well done little one's.....

Flavia   Delicious recepies and divine presentation of dishes added flavour to the assisi campus. Well done little champions.

Jeevan sir  Well done.

Minaj Tamboli  Well done 👌my little master chef of St.francis of assisi school.your efforts paid off.

Subhash Yadagude   It's a wonderful and sweet competition. Well done students.

Ritisha patil 6 B  Cooking is a lot more than just food, its family bonding time and Laughters is brightest in the place where food is good.

kadambari Mane  I enjoyed this competition so much Thank you father

Deepali kurade  Assisi kitchen master-chefs

Abhishek benadi  The sinor Section Organized ‘Cooking without fire’ competition along with poster making for classes V toX to make the children aware of nutritious food and the importance of nutrients in the diet. Students participated in full swing by preparing lip smacking dishes like Vegetable salad, fruit salad, chaats, sandwiches, fruit sticks, veg burgers, ice-cream shakes, sundaes and fruit desserts.and it is organised by the school staff and real thank it organise this competition in our school

Hilda  WOw! It's you did it.

Niranjan kagalgomb  All the dishes were prepared very delicious, and also presented in a very well manner. and i thank committee which made the day go sweet ..... all the future master-chefs of Assisi are ready to serve the world .. when will the of capuchin festival come ???

K.shanmukha Sri sai  Very nice and yemmy I don't see this celebration never

SRUJAN KHOT   Cooking without fire is nothing but without fire the item should made, in this way only the participants tired there best what they can do , participants made delicious items and very tasty items. Thank you

Pavitra   The future master chefs are getting ready with their delicious dishes. It's a wonderful competition held in our school. Well done students

Samiksha Hiremath   Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors it's how you combine them that sets you apart. My hobby is to cook, drawing, dancing and many more....

Sandeep Hemagire   Mouth watering foods were prepared by Assisi chefs during the cooking without fire competition. It was nice to see enthusiasm of the Assisi kids.

Ashwini kamane  Wow nice,👌 yummy,😋 wonderful talent children. Keep it up.thank you to all children for your special cuisine.

Ritesh   It was the fabulous day in Assisi kitchen

Bhumika hullennvar   Cooking without fire can teach us how to cook for snacks and father it was really very nice father we enjoyed it gracefully and happily this first time I had parcipated of this function and I saw many dishes and even tasted it all have been well done thank you for judging us after cooking thank u father so, that we can learn to improve how to cook dish thank you father for conducting the function these all are necessary for us thank you respected father.

Sumanth P F  Master chefs of ASSISI school. Don't forget - "Cuisine brought everyone to eat from one plate, as we are born in the same family" That is the power of Cooking without fire. Thank you to all the children for your special cuisine.

Saharsh s Hiremath   A very beautiful arena of food held at Assisi school

Nida   Yummy ohhhh yummy 😋😋😋 nice talent children keep it up....

Poonam kurade   The food was very delicious prepared by u all, as well as presentaion was super .all teachers are feeling proud because our children are all rounder in everything

Nazma Goundi   Wow, Nice 👍 Our Assisi Students are so talented..

Gouri Sammatshetti   Amazing chefs of Assisi kitchen😄❤️

MOHAMMED ZAID GHORI   The Cooking Without fire competition was so good and it was very nice day and so much think was cooking and was so nice day.

MOHAMMED ZAID GHORI   The Cooking Without fire competition was so good and it was very nice day and so much think was cooking and was so nice day.