St Francis of Assisi school celebrated its founder’s day on 3rd October, 2023. Students of grade 3 enacted the skit “Wolf of Gubbio” and dance for the song ‘Make me an instrument of your peace.’ At the end, with a lots of devotion and respect all children, teaching staff and non-teaching staff offered flowers to St Francis and sought for his blessings on their family and them. Festal fragrance was spread by distributing cakes to children and parents who were present for the celebration.

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Sankalp Pawar VI B  We should respect all gods

Likhit R Madihalli IA  Nice program

Prashant g6A  It was nice 👌👌👌

Vishnu S masti 6th A  👏👏Very wonderful 👏👏

Rishikesh 7A  It was a wonderful program

K.shanmukha Sri sai 7b  It was a very nice program

Vikas H Dasanatti   Lord saint Francis may bless us 🙏

M shaheer 2nd B  The wonderful program held in our school.


Shashwat patil 6B  It was very nice

Vinayak Belagali 9  Happy feast everyone

Pratham 4 B   Happy feast everyone

Rachita M Patil (IA)  I pray God to give good life

Dhanush patil VI (A)  We believe in god

Dhairya .A. Malikwade5b  It was a wonderful day

Swasti 7th A   The program was best and the skit was very good I enjoyed a lot.

Safa Mariam 3b  It was lovely day ..

Sanskar   I love nature

Vaishnavi Gidaveer 6th A  We should respect our god it was very nice scite

Chinmay Gidaveer 3rd B  We should our god it was very nice scite

Aradhya S. Sadalge 6th B  Nice function

Smruti   I was very good.. 😊

Shreenidhi Kamble 6 A  Happy feast to everyone

Aditya k 9th  Children smoothly explained us the way ST.Francis led his life.well performed students 👏.

Sarvesh potadar 6B  It was a wonderful program

Shrived.pawar 8(A)  It was a wonderful program👍

Amar 5A  A holy program

Khushi channavar 5B  Nice

Chaitalya dodamani 4A  It was a wonderful program 😀and happy 😊 fest

Chaitalya dodamani 4A  It was a wonderful program 😀and happy 😊 fest

Chaitalya dodamani 4A  It was a wonderful program 😀and happy 😊 fest

Chaitalya dodamani 4A  It was a wonderful program 😀and happy 😊 fest

Chaitalya dodamani 4A  It was a wonderful program 😀and happy 😊 fest

Sanvi Bagimani 3 B  It was a nice movement and injoyed very much.

Pratik Bagimani 6 B  It was a great day. I injoyed a lot.

Joyce 6 b   😇It was a nice program😇

Shivam 5B  It was wonderful program 🙏

Shivani 1A  It was wonderful function 💐👌🥰

Arohi Hadimani IV B  Nice 😇😊🧸🧸🙏🤗

Janisha N Fernandes  It was a wonderful program

Janisha N Fernandes  It was a wonderful program

Swayam.B.Walake 3 'B'  It was a wonderful program.Also the act was good.

Samarth v hakki 6th B   🌈💖🎆🎊✨🌠Nice Progra🌠✨🎊🎆💖🌈

Sharik (8A)  Superb day 💗

Barira (5B)  Awesome performance 😍🎉

Pruthvi Dinnimani 6th A  It's was nice and good

Khushi kurani 4A   It was wonderful broken

Arohi Hadimani IV B  It was a beautiful day to us.😇🌸🧸🙏

laxmikant 5B   Very nice day 😊 ☺ 😀

Hrithika Patil 5A  I like this program and dance and skit

Arush Sachin bhosale class 7th A  Nice👍

Omkar 7 A  It was a beautiful function.

Omkar 7 A  It was a beautiful function.

Swara Hiremath 3B  It was very good program.. I enjoyed it..

Sanvi Hiremath 7 A  It was very nice program. . May st. Francis of Assisi bless us.

Bhavya Shaha  What a nice event

Prasti kurane   The program was best and the skit was very good I enjoyed a lot.

Pratiksha Hadimani VIII th A  It was a very good day and act was very nice and program was well organized

Rajat Torase 5B  Super program 👌👌

Samarth S Melapure 6B  🎉🎉🎈It's was a nice program 🎉🎉.I think all enjoyed the day and ✨✨HAPPY FEAST DAY ✨✨ to father

Bhagyashree Sukhasare 4 std B  Nice Program😀

Madhushree M Sukhasare 1st B  Nice Program 😀

Aarav Khamakar 2 A   It was a great St Francis of Assisi feast for the God of Jesus Christ and John it was a great day.

Aarav Khamakar 2 A   It was a great St Francis of Assisi feast for the God of Jesus Christ and John it was a great day.

Trupti Khamakar LKG B  It was a great feast of St Francis of Assisi feast to the God of Jesus Christ and John it was a great day.

Ganeshgouda Patil from class 2nd b   It was a wonderful day for as

Ritisha Patil from class 7th b   We all enjoyed a lot

Akhilesh 8B  It was a nice function

Bhargavi .p.kengare  It was a nice function 7b

Vedaraj .P.kengare  It was a nice function 5b

sandesh 2nd B   it was very nice program.

Dareppa 5B  it was very good 🥰🏞️❤️❤️

Akhilesh 5th B  It was very nice dance

Shraddha A Patil 4B  It was a very beautiful program,,,👌👏

Aaradhya 4thB  It was a delightful day

Atharva . N . Kattimani 1 B   It's a very beautiful song and the program was mesmerizing ✨️

Shubhnandan .N . Kattimani 2 B   Such a wonderful program 👏

Riya Patil  It's good to see inculcating brotherhood among childrens

Shravi Gorakhnath, 1st A  Nice

Hritvi Gorakhnath, 4rd B  Nice

Vaishnavi Naik class 5  Best performance

Trisha Janagoud . Ukg A  It was super

Vedamshi . P .choudri    It was good

Khushi P Kamble 7A   It was nice program may Francis Of Assisi bless us all

Tanishka Hirekude 3B  It was nice program

Tanishka Hirekude 3B  It was nice program

Rishikesh   It was a very good feast which brought a new wibe in us to study.Happy feast. May Saint Francis of Assisi bless us.

Basavraj 7A  It was very nice and beautiful program

Sakshi Chougale 6 B   It was a wonderful program.

Sanvi _Karnik 5A  It was a nice program and the skit was very good and I enjoyed it to see and the sweets where very tasty and yummy to eat the sweet.....☺️😋😋😋

Abhinav Gondhali 6B  It was very nice

Abhinav Gondhali 6B  It was very nice

Abhinav Gondhali 6B  It was very nice

Samarth 4th B  The skit was very beautiful. Everyone did very well.

Kavya 8th A  The program was very good and the act was fantastic.

Shraddha 5B  O lord make me an instrument of your peach is very nice

Kalmesh K 9th  Program was good 😊

Pratik p 4B   St franic Assis feast was nice

Arush H 4th A   Wow it was a nice program and it was so fun

Ashitosh H 1st A  Wow it was a nice program

Aradhya H class 6 Bth B   Wow it was such a nice program

Achyut.M.Bani 1A.  Nice performance by all..

Shreya.A.Havaldar 6b  🎉🎉 very nice function 🎊🎊👏✨✨✨✨✨✨

PAVAN class 9  It was a marvellous plan of action narrative . which depicts the life story of christ also commencemented the sentence " ST FRANCIS OF ASSISI " all over the world .

Suhani patil 2nd B   💐👍 Very nice program 👍💐

Shubham patil 1st A  💐 it was nice program 💐

KrutikaPatil 2nd B  It was very nice program

Dhanush patil VI (A)  Very pleasure to be the part of this event

Rachita M Patil (IA)  It's nice concept

Shreyas Babaleshwar 7th A   St Francis association is a second Christ may he bless us.for next exam..

Shraddha Babaleshwar 2nd A  Love The Nature, Nature loves You

Pranav c.yamakamardi 5B  It was nice

Aman Nadaf 6 B  It was a very fantastic and joyful day for me 😊😊

Tanmay Janagoud ,3a  It was Nice l like it

Supreet. Chougala. 5B   it was it was very nice

Kartik 7A   It was very nice program

Anurag kokate 3rd B   It was very nice program.

Aditya kokate 6th A   It was very nice program.

Aarushi chougala 4 B  Very nice program

Tanishka p chougala ukg B  Nice program

Shreshtha Tangadi UKG A   Love The Nature, Nature loves You

Vedant 5A  Nice program

Vaibhavi UKG A  Nice program

Sujit  Our patron our pride! Let the teachings of St.Francis enlighten every assisian and mould us as good citizen's.

Vikas Dasanatti,5th B  St Francis association is a second Christ may he bless us.for next exam..

Keerti kole 6 A  It was beautiful program 😇

Ayush k agasimani 1st A  Very nice 😀👌👍

Ankush agasimani 3rd B  💐nice program 💐🎉

Anushree Ghatti 7th A  Wow!! What a beautiful program. Life of St Francis of Assisi revealed with love towards nature. May St Francis of Assisi bless us with good fruits.

Supriya   He started by doing what's necessary; then he went on and did what's possible; and finally he was astonished to figure out that whatever he did was impossible. Miraculous St. Francis of Assisi. Happy feast.

Bhoomika v madalagi 6A  Very nice program 💐🥰

Spoorti 4'B'  It's a good 👍 celebration 😄

Amruta potadar 7th A  He is the nature lover and kind to everyone! It was a great day and happy St Francis of Assisi feast

Sannidhi M Karleppanavar  Love the nature and animals. 👏👏

Aazin Bangi  Nice programme,Good motivation for the children✨

Aahil .M class 3A  'Love the nature and animals.' Good skit by students.

Dhanashri 6th B  Very nice 👌🙏

Nazma Goundi  May the blessings of St Francis be upon all us. Good skit done to motivate our students.Happy feast to all.

Yashoda Kuranagi  It was very wonderfull programa and good skit organized of st francis of assisi it should be motivation to all of us.

Martha   It was the good one st Francis of Assisi Feast school skit pogrom by the children .

Sumanth Fernandes   It's a wonderful day with nice celebration and great message. Happy feast of St. Francis of Assisi 💐

Deepali kurade   Nice program

Renisha Lobo  A wonderful message was given through the skit. May the life of St. Francis of Assisi inspire us.

Jeevan fernandes  St Francis of assisi. Pray for us

Sanvit jadhav 1B   Nice program. May St. Francis bless us all.

Advaity jadhav 5B  It was nice program we enjoyed lot.

Pavitra   Our patron saint Francis shower your blessings upon us 🙏

Shivraj marathe 6b   It was a wonderful program they all performed well

Afnan Gawandi (IIB)   Happy assisi feast

Yukta kondekar 5th B   The program was arranged well.

Suchetan UKG A  Happy assisi feast .it was a nice program

Amogha 1st A  God bless you all 😇😇😇😇

Anushree 3rd B  God bless you all 😇😇😇😇😇

Eshaan kale 3A  Very nice program.haapy feast to all.

Spandana K 9th  Wonderful Celebration...

Mangalgouri   The best program ever... short program but thought us about the life of ST Francis of assisi

Menaal T Naikwadi 2nd A  It was a very nice program 🌹

Sahiti Musandi UKG A   The program was wonderful. May St.Francis bless us all

Saanvi Musandi 7th A  It was an awesome program. The skit was also so meaningful.

Bhumika Alure 7th A  It was nice program

Adwita Janamatti 1st A   Nice program 👍 👏 👌

Manasvi C 6B  It was nice program

Shriraksha babaleshwar1A  Nice programme

Poorvi gaikwad 5B  Nice Programme

Nidhi S iti 5th B  Nice program

Sameed Nalband 3rd A  Nice program 💐💐💐

GOURISH IV STD  If we love Nature,Nature will love and protect us. This is wondetful and nice celebration.🙏🙏💐👌

Dhrishit UKG A  Nice program

Dhriti 3rd B  Nice program

Sohrab Nalband 6th A  THIS SHOW was nice

Swarup pujari 7A  Nice program ..

Disha S shah 2st A  Nise

Sujay Magadum. Nursery   It was very nice and fantinc program.

sanvi patil 1A  wonderfull program👌👌

shreyas patil 3 b  wanderful program 👌👌

Riddhish H.Jonganavar 1st-A  Nice🎉🎉

Jalmani 5th B   Nice

Khushi Yangri 3rd A  It was very nice program💐💐

Dhanyashree 4B  It was pecefull and wonderfull😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😌😌😌😌🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒👏👏👏👏

Amogha 1st A  Thank you father for your future wishes...

Bhargav 8th b  Good

Anushree 3rd B  thank you father for your future dreams...

Prince choudhary 5th A  It was very nice day and happy assisi feast 🙏

Nishant T 6A  It was wonderful

Kartik 9th  The program was very good.

Prashant5B  Very nice

Sameera 5th B  It was a beautiful, marvelous and peaceful day. Thank you father to celebrate the feast in the school 👌👌👌👌😇😇😄😄😄😄😄😀😀

Samskruti .b.angadi  Wonderful program thank you 🙏

Amruta.B 5 A  Happy assisi feast I enjoyed very much I. thank you Father to organised sweet thank you

SWAYAM. S. BAHADDURI  Very nice 3B 💐💐

Abhishek 9th   🗣️"The deeds you do may be the only sermon some persons will hear today"🙂

Sanket 7th A  Beautiful program

Anushka Satwar 2A  It was very nice celebration

Apeksha Satwar 6 B  It was very beautiful function

Pavan choudannavar V B   It was nice thank you.

Shreyas v Kangralkar   We are very much thankful to founder of this school who gives us a very good institution for our kids.

vidyashree Nandyal 4th A  it was a good performance i linked it


Harshith Naik 6th B  May the Lord ST. Francis of assisi May bless us bless our mother & father, &school.....

Manasa 7A  May ur blessing bless us! Nice program.

Sahana Patil 2nd A  It was a nice act, also keep it up, also nice dance and happy feast

Samiksha patil 4th a  It was a nice act, also keep it up, also nice dance and happy feast

Ganesh 7th A  It was Wonderful and Nice

Dareppa 5B  it was very good 😊❤️🌹🌹

Vaishnavi 4A  It ✨😍was wonderful program🎉 🥳🤩 Happy feast day💕💕💕💕

Praneeti R More 1A  Nice dance and feast celebration

Shreshtha 1B  Nice celebration

Shreyas bhajantri ukg B  Nice program 👍👍💐💐

Vikas Yangri 5th B  It was nice day💐💐💐💐 May saint Francis bless us all 💐💐💐💐

Aditi More 3rd A   It was nice dance and the decoration st.francis Assistant feast

Shreenidhi Kamble 6 A  It was very nice program and we all kept the flower and god had blessed us

Janani mohite 5B   Happy feast all😇😇

Gouri V A  Happy feast of St Francis of Assisi 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Vaishnavi . Shingai 4B  It was a very nice dance💃🕺 and gave cake🍰 🍰 we cept flowers 🌼🌼

Saanvi prabhu choudri 7th B   Wonderful program... Let Saint Francis bless us all .

Vaibhav Ningappa Shingai 3rd A  It was very nice Saint Francis of Assisi feast program and we did so much nice dance and I wish you Saint Francis of Assisi feast 🎈👌🏻🏫

Suraj B Walake(1std A)   Nice

Shlok Ganesh Gayakwad 4b  Nice

Malhar Gayakwad Nursery rhymes   Nice

Saniti Gayakwad 1B  Nice


Ridaan Jamadar 4thA  HAPPY FEAST TO ALL🎈🎈

Riyansh Torase 1st B  Nice programme...Inspired by Siant Francis let all of us inculcate the quality of love towards nature in our lives..

Preetam s gajannavar ukg B  Nice program Super celebration 🎉

Vihana gajannavar 1st B  Nice to see...

Prem 3rd B  Nice celebration 🎉

Mahek pathan   It was beautiful to see

Sarvesh Mahadik   Nice program 😊✨

Shreya Mane 3rd A  Nice program.. ✨ .. Happy feast

Rayisa mulla 7 A  It was a nice program

Pooja   Performance was good.Let us learn from st Francis to love all the animals around us and work for their happiness and safety by the following his preaching . Happy feast

Shashank nidavani 5th B  It was very good

Raman kamble 1 A  It was marvelous day . Happy feast 💐💐

Reema Fernandes   The life of St.Francis of Assisi is the inspiration for us to build our life, Happy feast of St.Francis of Assisi.

Prerna kamble 7 A  It was wonderfull day . Happy feast 💐💐

SAMARTH CHINCHANI 5B   It was very inspirational program 👏👌

Sanskruti 5B  💐👌It wws nice celebration 👌💐

Shreyas 1A  💐👌It was nice celebration👌💐

Arush raghavendra sanadi  Super celebration

Ritu billkar  May we get inspired by the patron saint of ecology and animals . Happy feast💐

MOHAMMADZAID 8B   It was a nice celebration and I wish happy St Francis of Assisi . Thank you .

Shambhavi UKG A  Nice celebration

Sachi B Desai 9th  Wonderful celebration.. Life story of St.Francis of Assisi revealed about his simplicity and love towards nature which inspires us all.. May St Francis of Assisi bless us all with good fruits..

Anvita. M. Nooli  It was very nice programme..

Utkarsh   Very nice program

Shivam 5B  It was the best feast in these days

Nikshep & Nidhi N Patil 5B  Nice celebration

Sannidhi. M. Nooli 4thB  It was very nice programme

Nithyapriya M Chikkur4thB   Nice celebration 🎊🎉

Bhuvan B Desai. 7th B  Beautiful celebration.. Got to know about St Francis of Assisi through this celebration. Thank you all

Roshani shaha 3b  It was nice day

Nusrat R donur 4th A  This is a very good program🥳🤗

Roshani shaha  I love this function

Samruddhi 5A  It was nice🙂🙂

Veerprasad M.Bhringimath 3rd (B)  Wow it is nice and Wonderful Celebration 🎉 🥰🥳🙏I Like This Program Very much 👏👏👌💖💝🤩😃VEERPRASAD 3RD


Remy   May St. Francis bless us all to be the harbingers of peace and harmony.

Jason lobo  It was a beautiful program.I enjoyed it.

Joswin   Happy feast of St. Francis of Assisi

Asra Z Nadaf 3rd B  Happy feast day .. god bless all😇

Sanvi yadagude UKG A  Super activities

Samrud & Sammod   Nice celebration

Doreen 8th  It was a very good short program. 👍

Sanidhya Wankhade 2nd A   Nice 👍👍

Mayank from 3ad A  It was nice 🙂🙂

Austine Rodrigues   Good skit was organized so that life of Assisi may be spread through his simple ways it can inspire many in many ways.

Praveen Madivalar   Very nice program. I am Very happy this day and lovely 🌹🌹

Praveen Madivalar   Very nice program. I am Very happy this day and lovely 🌹🌹

Kartik Gangale class IV  It was wonderful function in our school we enjoyed a lot happy feast 💔❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍🌹🌹🌹💐💐👏👏🎊👆

Vedant 5A  It was a very nice moment .

Sanvi magadum 4th B   It's very nice day.and fanatic program.

Rudragouda patil 5A  wonderful program 🌹💐🌹

Abherjaj Sollapure 1st A  Nice program

Advik dalawai UKG A  Nice 😊

Chinmay Gidaveer 3rd B  It was wonderful and beautiful program and all of you happy feast.

Ashwini kamane  Happy feast of ST Francis of assisi.Nice program. It was very good.

Ananya dalawai 6th A   Nice program 😊😊

Shriraksha Patil 2B  Happy feast to all 🌹🌹🌹🌹Jesus bless us all🙏🙏🙏

Adeshwary patil 3rd B  Very nice program 💐🌹💐

Shreya u balnaik 6th B  It was wonderful function

Paloma Rodrigues  Good awareness through the life of st Francis of Assisi it should be motivation to all of us.live life like him.

Madiha jamadar 1stA  Very nice program

Sanskriti Naik 3rd B  🙏HAPPY FEAST 🙏

Aakarsh mangasule nursery   Good program organised 👍

Aditi Patil 3rd A   Happy Feast Day To All 🙏💐 It was a very nice 🙂 and beautiful 😍 Program 👌🥳❤🎉👏

harshith m yadagude 4th  very nice 🎊 💐💐

VedamTaladge 2B  Very nice program

Prajwalgouda patil 7th  Super and fantastic program sir

Aayush mangasule 2 nd B  Nice 👍

Samanvi Karnik 5th A  It was a very nice program to see it .it was looking so nice arrangement

Navanth Gangale I a  It was wonderful function in our school we enjoyed a lot and the dance 🕺 🎊🌹🌹⚘🌼🌷🌻🖤🤎💜🤍💙💚💛🧡❤💔💔👏👏💐💐

Navanth Gangale I a  It was wonderful function in our school we enjoyed a lot and the dance 🕺 🎊🌹🌹⚘🌼🌷🌻🖤🤎💜🤍💙💚💛🧡❤💔💔👏👏💐💐

Tanishq.D.Arage   Very wonderful & nice program and Jesus bless us all 🙏🏻

Shardul chougule   Nice program

Adarsh Kudare 2nd A class   Nice program

triveni  Happy feast .

Aradhya m yadagude 2nd B  super celiberation 💐💐

Ayush Kudare 5th A class   Wonderful and very nice

Shraddha khode  Well done

Riddhi honashetti 6B   ✨I Liked the function that day ✨ ✨Happy fest everyone✨

Aananya.v.Patil 1 A  Good program

Aaradhya.V.Patil  Very nice program

Samarth v hakki 6th B   🌠💖💗🌈It was a memorable day 🌈✨💕💖

Ashwini kadam  It was fantastic performance✨😇🥳

Naman v.channavar 7th A  Nice program... Jesus bless us all 🙏

Kavyashri 1st A   Nice program, happy feast too all🎊💐💐

Srajana s Bhandare 4A  It was very nice and wonderfull program🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲💐💐💐💐💐🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌺🌺🌺🌺🌻🌻🌻🌻🥀🥀🥀🥀

Dhru kamate UKG B  It's good day

Pranati B kamble 2 nd A  Happy feast day to all it's a good day function was very beautiful 💐🌸🪷⚘️🌷🌻🌺🥀🌹🌹💐💐

Druti L Janamatti 4th -B  It was nice and excellent. Happy feast to all

Diya kamate 5B  It was wonderful

Nitya Mutnale Nursery   Nice program

Aarav Patil LKG B  Wonderful day ☺️

Riddhi Patil 5th B  God is everything for us. And Francis was really 2nd Jesus Christ...🙏💯

Krupa Desai 4th A  All of us must have love to the animals and nature like him. It was a wonderful program .

Pragati B kamble UKG A  Happy feast day to all 💐💐🌹🏵️🌺🌸🌼🎉

Aaradhy   1stB very nice

Khushi m janamatti 4th A  It was a nice act 👌 and also keep it up 👏👏also nice dance 💃💃 and happy feast 😊😊.

Sanvi Doddamani 3A  Wow super programme 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻💜💜💜💜🌲🌲🌺🌺🌷

Priyal jore 1st -B  Very nice program 🥰🥰🥰

Samarth puthane   Very nice

Aaditya dukare  Very nice 👏👏🥳🥳

Abhi s Bhandare 1B  Really it was a beautiful and wonderfull program🌲🌲🌼🌼🏵🏵💐💐🌲🌲

Arihant k chougala 5a   It was a fantastic and wonderful day

Srushti magennavar 5th A   I am really sad for you dear saint francis really I am your instrument of peace

Samruddhi 7'A  Love of nature your blessings may be with us happy feast

Aarush dukare   Very nice 👏👏🥳🥳

Sahana Harake 5th B  It was very nice

Sandeep Hemagire  God requires that we assist the animals, when they need our help. Each being (human or creature) has the same right of protection

Samrudhi choundi 8A  Nice program 🙂

Safa Nadaf 3A  Very nice God bless all

Avanthika chougala 3B  It was awesome day

Praful Patil 4rt A  It was very good.

Divyank .V. Kumbar  It's very nice performance students made...very good....

Priyanka Patil 7th b  It was very good

Naksh. Soloni. 1st.B. Class  Happy feast of st. Francisof Assisi. And May the blessings of Saint Francis be upon us always.🌹🌹🌹

Minaj  St.Francis is known and loved for his kindness to God's creatures and the natural world.one way to honour him is by doing something to take care of animals and the environment.once again happy feast to all.

Harshit samaje 1sd  Very nice 👍👍👏👏👏

Shravani S pattanshetti   it was a amazing performance

Nida  Born in Nature Died for Nature......The best preacher.......nice to see our children performaning on this teaching..... Happy st Francis of Assisi feast....

Padmavati Kore   "Lover of Nature". May his blessings with us always.Happy feast to all.

Sujata Salagare   It was a great performance by the students.Moral of the skit was perfectly demonstrated and clear.Also a good event to give some values to students through performance.

Poonam   Blessing ,May the Lord bless us and have compassion on us! Happy Feast to all.

Rosie  Really it was a beautiful program.May St Francis bless each and everyone.And protect us from all the evils.

Snehal dodamani   May St Francis give us a right faith, a sure hope, a perfect charity sense and knowledge, so that we may carry out his holy command. Happy feast 💐

Veena M J  Happy feast.. Function was very nice. Though in less period of time the children performed well..

Ashwini jadhav  Happy feast to all. It was wonderful function and good message given by our small children's.

Renu patil  All of should have love towards the nature and the animals like him. May his blessings be with us forever

Subhash   Happy feast of st. Francisof Assisi. And May the blessings of Saint Francis be upon us always.

Pruthvi Salutagi 4a   It was wonderful performance. 👌👌😊

Hilda  Need to follow his way of life. That is love, for the needy and for all the man kind. I love to follow his footsteps.

Sharon Clara I STD B  Happy feast of St Francis of assisi

Jason  May our Patron St Francis of Assisi bless us all.